Advantages of Cotton

We already know that cotton is the fabric we choose, when we pick our children’s clothes. Have you ever wondered why the experts around the world recommend cotton clothing?

We see our children playing all day long and by playing, they are discovering the world and learning. We are often unhappy with the way they end up dirty and sweaty, but that is when they enjoy their day the most- so we let them.

Cotton is one of the strongest fabrics there is, durable and resistant. It lasts long and is capable to endure the busy days of our children, even those very active ones. Cotton clothing is naturally breathable, absorbent and known for its cooling properties. It will absorb the excess moisture and keep us cool in the summer and dry in the winter.

Children have sensitive skin and cotton will rarely cause a rash or irritation. Cotton also gets softer with use, which makes it very comfortable in all of their adventures. Cotton fabric is very easy to take care of. Just avoid using harsh detergents, try and use a more kid-friendly detergent.

We shouldn’t forget that cotton is a completely biodegradable fabric and all cotton clothing can be recycled.

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